How We Serve

Idea Development




Why people choose us

Experience is a culmination of over 200 years of entrepreneurial experience!

Peace of mind

We are a non-profit organization focused on inspiring and leading direct economic impact to Lake County, Ohio.

Investment philosophy

Through our vast network of connections, we can assist you in locating the right kind of capital.

Partnership approach

Partnership is built on principles and practices of shared commitment between Lakestart and its Accelerator companies.


We have nothing to hide! Your success is our success, collectively, as a collaborating community!

Some words from our directors and advisors

  • “ When I started my business, there was a tremendous behind the scenes learning curve that I had not fully anticipated. Having the resources offered by LakeStart would have made my navigation through the business process a whole lot easier. ”
    Ken Graham
    CEO, National Threaded Fasteners, LTD.
  • “ One of my secrets to success was having a board of advisors. Entrepreneurs can’t do it alone. LakeStart’s mentors can help create wealth and prosperity for anyone wanting to start or grow their business. ”
    Kip Marlow
    Founder, Marlow Surgical Products
  • “ I am proud to be a mentor for and support this effort to cultivate new businesses in Lake County. ”
    Mark Rantala
    Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority